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Who we are?

Shri Mahalaxmi steel industries Kolhapur, the rolling mill unit is established in 1973 to manufacture the rolled steel products viz reinforcement steel bars, flat, square bars etc. The unit has expanded the activities in 1989 to manufacture the high yield cold twisted deformed bars. In view of the quality produced, the experienced work force, M/s. TOR Allies Engineering & the “TOR – ISTAG” Steel Corporation of Luxemburg offered the collaboration,and we were the licensee to use TOR “mark on our steel bars. The steel manufactured by us is well accepted in southern Maharashtra. Pune and north area of Karnataka.

The new unit namely Shri. K.N. Mahalaxmi Ispat (P) Ltd. MIDC, Gokul Shirgaon was commissioned in 1995 to manufacture M.S. Ingots, resulting in improved quality inputs of required chemical composition.

Across all developments “TMT” steel bars has gained recognition and acceptance because of its echnological advancement. We have commissioned manufacturing “TMT” bars as per the world class modern EMPCORE’ technology. This technology imparts the better strength and elongation unparalled by any other process. The machinery and the thermo quenching system selected imparts the perfection in mechanical properties as per IS-1786. The total system is automated and controlled by various operating systems. The new unit was commissioned in July of 2006.

We manufacture Thermo metallurgically treated (TMT) reinforcement steel
bars in Diameter – 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm,

Cut Length Bars

Against the specific requirement of particular Length of bars, we can also supply the cut length bars which saves time and wastage of stell on site. We can supply the cut length barrs of any dia. ranging 8mm to 32mm. We are already supplying the set of cut bars as required for Telecom companies, Wind mill Projects, Building Constructions etc.


At our in house Laboratory , the Q4 Tasman 130 Bruker Germany make Spectrometer is installed for metal analyzing of Steel. As you know, the most important elements are C , Mn , S, Phos , and Cr which reflect on the strength and quality of Bars. The pre and post inspection of inputs and finished products can be instantly checked for the perfect combination of these elements. So that there are minimum rejections which can be separated out before it goes to market. Thus the customers can be very well sure about the receipt of only quality materials.

Process of making of TMT Bars

The TMT i.e. Thermo metallurgical treatment to the bar is imparted by treating the hot bar by water. subjected to water treatment. The process involves the following stages

Surpasses the IS specifications

The bars attains the high yield strength with good ductility.


High corrosion Resistance as compared with other manufacturers / twisted CTD bars.

Negative tolerance

The Average per meter weight of the bar is always on negative tolerance by 2% or so, within ISI limits.


Excellent workability and bendability.

Weld Ability

Better weld ability because carbon content is limited to 0.25.

Earthquake Resistance

High earthquake resistance because of better ductility of the core.


Perfect physical properties, TMT 500 grade will give 15 % saving in usage of steel.

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Shri Karvir Nivasini Mahalaxmi Ispat Pvt. Ltd.
A-6, MIDC, Gokul Shirgaon, Kolhapur - 416234, Maharashtra, India.

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